For a long time I have been thinking where God is, what it looks like and how can we see or feel him…

Almost everyone has an opinion about God but very few have actually tried to know him closely.

It’s a power that cannot be described in words, cannot be seen with a naked eye but it’s there…

It’s a universal force that is invisible yet cannot be ignored.

It’s the empty space between what we see and what we feel.

Our bodies are gifts to us for living this life… for seeing, hearing and feeling the sounds of nature… the realities of life and also our emotions deep down inside.

We use our bodies every single moment and yet do not take care of it.

When a kid is born and arrives in this world, he/she immediately starts using his body to feel the world around him/her.

The entire world is like a playground for him to see, hear and feel thousands of sounds, images, objects…

It’s amazing that everyone sees different things in the same surroundings at the same time. For instance, when 3 people are sitting in a car and going on a road, they all have different observations of their surroundings. Some focus on the road, some on the trees and some on something else.

Everyone thinks differently…. everyone’s future is different… everyone’s destiny is different. Everyone walks into the future differently…

The future is unknown to all of us… yet everyone wants to go to the future…and see what’s there.

The power that triggers thoughts in our mind and makes us think about what to do next or what we have done in the past is just a small part of God.

Who feels what, when, where, with whom…. No one known until it actually happens.

Will we change our surroundings or will the surroundings change us…. we don’t know…. but change will happen.

The entire cosmos can make us think differently each minute and based on that we can change our surroundings…

This invisible force that drives everyone towards the future in God…

The force that is changing our inner selves, our outer bodies as well as the world is God.

Imagine if there was just one kid on this earth and no there human beings…. That one kid would be influenced by the entire earth and he can also change/influence his surroundings and his inner self, based on his abilities…
Now imagine millions of such human beings who are getting influenced by their surroundings in an unknown way and changing the surroundings to the best of their abilities…

Such a magnanimous force is driving change in this universe. Can that change be anything else except God?

The invisible force that makes us think and do things…. the force that makes everyone get influenced by their surroundings differently…. see things differently… feel things differently…

The invisible force that makes every one of us unique in some way or the other…

That force is God…. It’s in the air, it’s in the ocean… it’s in the universe… Where ever there is a possibility of change…. there is God.

That’s my interpretation…. that’s what I have learned so far… I am sure there is lots more to learn….







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