“I love nature…. Nature is around us, above us, below us and within us…. We are a part of nature and in nature we will dissolve in the end…..

Nature has millions of hidden ways of leading us to our destiny…

No matter how hard we try…. We can never understand all the forces of nature…. That’s why it’s just miraculous!!

Nature and Mother Earth give us life…. Everything comes from the earth…. Yet we are hurting and destroying so many parts of the earth….

Earth has been replenishing itself for billions of years…. and it will continue to do so…. Atleast I hope it will

Human race is a tiny trace in this gigantic universe but human ego is bigger than that unfortunately!

May nature continue to replenish our thoughts and plant new seeds of wisdom everyday in each one of us…. That’s my hope for the future….. and for the human race!”

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