Special firsts

Some people always want to preserve their special firsts for special days with special people. They are willing to wait and wait and wait for the special moment for something special to happen in their life.

On the other hand, some people don’t care as much and consider nothing too special or extraordinary.

Who is right? And who is wrong? …. Perhaps no one…

These are just perspectives…

Some people spend their entire life waiting for that special someone to come into their lives while some others give chances to a lot of special people before finally settling with one…

Who is right? Who is wrong?… Who can decide?… Perhaps no one…

Some people feel offended when they don’t get that special trust from someone they love but maybe the other person is waiting for a special moment to share the trust…

Who is right…?….wrong?….perhaps no one knows…

Some people spend their entire lives wondering why that special someone left while some others don’t even think about it for a second…. it doesn’t matter… life goes on…

Is anyone right? Or wrong? Can anyone tell?

Who made the word special and why does everything have to be special?

But then how would we differentiate between ordinary and special?

This post is specially dedicated to the people who have touched my life in a special way…! 🙂 …. Whether it was special for them or not… who can say!

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