Job and Anxiety

A lot of people today are stressed due to their jobs… When they work with colleagues, they feel overwhelmed and exhausted…. There are times when they just feel that they can’t handle the pressure anymore…

There is pressure of earning money, running a family, expenses, kids, responsibilities and so on…

They feel like they have no time for themselves and they are just engrossed in a plethora of things to take care of….

It is important to realize during these CRUCIAL TIMES… that your LIFE matters much more than your JOB…

Jobs may come and go but you get life only once!! (There is no proof of multiple lives)

So….. Live….

Learn to live for yourself…. to keep your own self happy…. because if you don’t do that… You cannot keep anyone else happy.

Your vibrations pass to everyone else and they get a feel of what you’re going through internally…

Don’t stress about work… it will only make matters worse…

Don’t stress about money…. believe me…. everything will fall in place once you relax…

Some common habits of people when they are stressed are:

  • They eat too little or they eat too much.
  • They worry about things.
  • They get angry for no reason.
  • They feel life is complicated.
  • They feel relationships are tiring and demanding.
  • They feel like every day is a challenge.
  • They take pleasure in unhealthy food etc… and later feel guilty.
  • They try to socialize too little or too much.
  • They try to get the approval of others.
  • They are sometimes critical of other people’s feelings.
  • They don’t like their life and wish it was something different.

Life is a beautiful thing…. and you can make the best out of it when you take it calmly…. enjoy every experience…. enjoy every relationship and believe me… it is possible.

You just have to first learn to take care of yourself.

Be honest about your emotions and feelings. Speak to friends…. family members… colleagues…even counsellors

Speak about what you feel inside…. Deep inside your heart…

Open up to people!!

Take everything in your stride….! Even failures…. It’s ok…. you are not born to be perfect or lead a perfect life…

You are born to learn and be happy…. You are born to cherish this valuable life!

You are born to create beautiful relationships… full of love and hope…

You are born not to compete but to collaborate.

Don’t stress about work. It’s just a mechanism to keep society in order. But first of all, YOU need to get your life in order, before you can work and help others.

YOU need to know what you want to do in life and be happy doing it…

Find a passion and follow it…. Don’t worry about what others are doing…. It’s ok…. Everyone has their own journey….

Don’t stress about money… It is also just a means to keep society in order and be a medium of exchange.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with chores…. Just try to enjoy the little pleasures of life!

Don’t stress… please don’t …. because believe me…. IT SHOWS…. and everyone can feel it….

Don’t do anything for others…. Do what YOU like…. For yourself…. even if it is just doing it for free…

First start doing it for free…. Money will follow…. automatically…

Relax and enjoy life….! You’re a great person and you are blessed because you have this life…

Relax and now go and LIVE YOUR LIFE!!!

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