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Chaos and Rebellion

When the mind gets chaotic, with so many thoughts about almost everything in the world, it creates stress and anxiety. You feel as if thoughts are travelling like trains in your mind, with so much noise, so much harshness and so much tumult…. You don’t know how to heal it….except just let it pass through your mind…. and wait for the right time to bring peace….

Mind is an extraordinary organ. It handles so much pressure at so many points in life…. At times… it feels it’s just going to burst apart!

There are thoughts about family members… about the world… about news… about disease… about chaotic situations and so on. You feel lost… you feel stagnated when life just throws you in a corner… with no where to go…. nothing to think….

Everything seems like a puzzle… too difficult to solve…. It feels like everyone is against you… and absolutely no one is with you…

You hear gongs of bells in your mind… You feel like you’re going to lose everything that you’ve gained so far… everything that you worked hard for… everything that you cherished…

And then if you’re lucky…. you pass through that tunnel of bad times and come out of it victorious…

Some people handle that chaos by themselves…. some seek professional help or counseling…. but everyone has to bear it…. at some point in their lives…

There are thoughts like…”Was this destined to happen this way…. or was it my karma?” Why am I suffering so much… what was my fault in all of this? Why me??

And then once time passes…. the healing process begins… the process of acceptance… the process of giving in…. the process of moving on…

Those bell gongs sound again and again and again… remembering that massive explosion of thoughts in your mind… but then you take a deep breath… rest your head against the wall while sitting and just …. AND let it all flow through you….

It is a test of time… a test of your strength…. a test of your character….

These tests may come over and over again in your life and you learn to live with them…

You learn to find some logic amongst the chaos…

You shout… you scream… you get angry…. and then you calm down…. you relax…. you are at ease…

You start believing once again in some super power that is leading this universe…. you learn to accept…

You let it go…. you let it flow… you just learn to LIVE through the STORMS…. And in the end you come out stronger…. more victorious…. You learn to live like a REBEL…

Live responsibly

Often times, a lot of people put things on fate… or destiny…

I gained weight because “My body is like that”…
I like drinking because “It cools my mind”…
The accident happened because “Things went out of my control”…
I am not successful because “I am just unlucky and fate is not on my side”

HOW MANY TIMES…. How many times will we blame things on fate and destiny?

When we have the courage to breathe, to party, to enjoy….. Can we not DEVELOP the courtesy to live responsibly??

What does living responsibly mean? I heard somewhere that RESPONSIBILITY is made of two words – RESPONSE & ABILITY – “The ability to respond”.

Responsibility means:

Owning your body, your relationships, your children, your career, your life and everything else associated with it.

YOU have to control your eating temptations to keep a healthy body.
YOU have to control your interactions with people to develop healthy relationships in your life.
YOU have to control your words to ensure they don’t hurt others.
YOU have to control your driving habits to protect the lives of people.
YOU have to control your desires so that you are not spending extravagantly.
YOU have to manage your friendships so you have good people in your life.

When you came into this world, you were given some power, some authority, some control.

The fact that you have a body that can move, that can interact with people, that can have emotional bonding with people MEANS that you have a lot of RESPONSIBILITY associated with this body and its powers.

If you are not having a good relationship with your family members, take responsibility for it and make changes.
If you are not able to get along with people, take responsibility for it and make changes to your behavior.
If you are having struggle in your career, take responsibility for it and improve your skills.
If you are having problems in your marriage, take responsibility and develop loyalty, trust and strength.
If you are having trouble with your kids, look at what YOU are doing wrong.

TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and see how your life changes….

Take control of your mind…

I read somewhere that, “We owe a lot to this body because it DOES so much for us. We OWE taking care of the body, taking care of its actions and emotions. WE OWE doing exercise on a regular basis so that it stays fit and healthy. WE OWE a LOT to this body”.

TAKE responsibility for your money.

Whether you are filthy rich or extremely poor… Whatever amount of money you have… TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for the things you buy and the things you decide NOT TO BUY. (Don’t crave for them after you have decided not to buy them)

If you have a lot of accidents in your house with kids…. TAKE responsibility and CHILD PROOF your surroundings…

If you have a lot of trouble with your determination, CONTROL your mind or DO meditation to enhance it…


I am not saying that things don’t happen by fate…. Ofcourse if you are walking on the road and an AIRPLANE falls on your head… you can’t do anything about it… But what is the probability of that happening?!

TRY TO CONTROL what you can. Take responsibility. Be responsible.

When a person takes responsibility of his/her life, Life becomes worthwhile…. Your health improves, your relationships improve, your life improves, your children feel more loved and appreciated…

I read somewhere that “TONGUE is an organ that helps you speak and eat. If you are able to control THESE two POWERS and the emotions associated with it, you will feel atleast half of your life in control.

I don’t know who is reading this blog but this I hope it helps change someone’s life in a positive direction….

May god bless everyone!

Accidents CAN be avoided…

Accident…. It is defined as “an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.”

Recently… I heard of an incident where a friend’s husband was wearing his helmet and all safety equipment…. he went to drive his bike on the road and was “UNEXPECTEDLY” hit by a speeding car… He soon died..

When someone talks about the word accident, I want to question the words, “Unexpectedly” and “Unintentionally”…

Another example that I recently saw was when someone’s finger got unexpectedly poked into a kid’s eye… just because the kid was standing close by….




Some ways in which accidents can be avoided are:

By using appropriate security equipment.
By following appropriate security measures.
By avoiding roadblocks or barriers on the way.
By avoiding clutter and unkempt environment.
By following Road and safety signs for the benefit of others including speed limits…
By ACKNOWLEDGING things or circumstances that may lead to accidents and AVOIDING THEM.

By not calling ACCIDENT… an “act of fate” but a REALITY with some irresponsible behavior attached to it…

A lot of countries have many more accidents than some other countries. This is just because they follow/implement or regulate the lives of people and ASK THEM TO LIVE IN ORDER.

UNORDERLY OR CRAZY OR UNSOCIAL behavior leads to accidents.

Even giving birth to children is sometimes called an accident but I call it unplanned behavior.

LIFE IS SO SO SO PRECIOUS THAT IT’s HIGH TIME WE DO ENOUGH RESEARCH ABOUT ACCIDENTS and try to avoid them for the coming generations…

Accidents should not happen. They are not MEANT to happen. THEY MOSTLY happen when people LOSE their minds, are INCONSIDERATE of others or ARE JUST NOT PAYING ATTENTION… That is what should be considered the law….

Safety rules and regulations must be implemented in all places. (In workplaces, in schools, in modes of transport, at EVERY SINGLE PLACE)


It is important to REALIZE… WHO IS AT RISK…. WHAT IS THE RISK? HOW can it be avoided? What better can be done in the coming times….?

There should be knowledge bases of articles that happened in the past… and research should be done on it on an everyday basis…



A LOT OF PAST ACCIDENTS COULD ALSO HAVE BEEN AVOIDED… If people thought a little more….! If people thought safety a little more….

Keep moving on…

Keep moving on…

That’s what we heard from our parents… no matter what our successes or failures were…

Keep moving on…

That’s what we tell our children… no matter what their successes and failures are…

I happened to go to the IIFA Awards (International Indian film academy) awards function a few years ago…. I was lucky to see film stars right in front of my eyes… The entire crowd was cheering for them… clapping… waving… encouraging… The event was at Metlife stadium..

And then… when the function ended… THEY ALL MOVED ON… The entire crowd… All the film stars…. Everyone moved on… There was an exuberant illustration of fame, success, stardom and then…. everyone moved on…. The stadium was empty….

Such is life… you celebrate success, fame, fun, laughter and even tears, failures, sadness…

And then you move on…

Everyone gets only ONE life… people say…. and in the end everyone goes empty handed… but the RICH and LIBERATING experiences that you receive during this lifetime become memorable and cherishable forever….

Each minute, each moment, we are gaining and losing… We are gaining an experience in this moment and losing it at the same time…

Each minute, we gain something and then we are empty handed…

The only LESSON that remains to be told, untold and retold is…. KEEP MOVING ON…

Earth is a living planet… LIFE is movement… As long as there is movement in our minds, hearts and bodies… there is life!!

Infact, “Life” and “Death” are just two anecdotes created by man…

The reality is EVERYTHING IS MOVING…. so Keep moving on…

No matter how much money or fame or materialistic things you receive in life… Keep moving on….

Life is a reality and an illusion at the same time….

Life gives and takes away at the same time….

Life is a fleeting experience….

If you think you’ve received enough and now you can just relax…. NO…. Keep moving on…

There’s still more to be gained… still more to be lost…. still more to be loved… still more to be appreciated… still more to be cherished….

Keep moving on…

Whether you are at the pinnacle of success…the richest man in the world… or a small worker…. Life still has enough experiences to offer to you both….

Keep moving on…

Don’t stop…

Just keep going…

No matter if someone has less or more…. is rich or poor…. no matter if you are happy or sad….

Keep moving on…

The beauty of life is in its movement… NOTHING STOPS… Nothing can stop….Nothing should stop…



Till it sinks into your deepest core….

Keep moving on…

Two options – “Live and Die” OR “Die and Die”

We have all heard life is a race, a struggle, a challenge, a journey and so on and so forth.

Almost everyone in the world has some opinion about life! Life is this…. life is that…

Billions of books, articles and theories have been written about good life, good health, good mindset etc…

However, I realized today that you only have TWO OPTIONS to live:

You either “LIVE YOUR LIFE” and then die
OR you “DIE WHILE LIVING” and then die.

You “LIVE” when you have the enthusiasm, the positivity, the morale to keep moving forward INSPITE OF whatever comes your way…

And you “DIE” when you LOSE that enthusiasm, that SPARK, that BRIGHTNESS in your eyes to keep moving along…!

You “LIVE” when no matter how your body behaves, YOU never let your mind get down... You still PUSH yourself and say to yourself…. “There’s still more… there’s still more…”…. “I still have some work to do…some things to accomplish….some people to love and some time to share…”

You “DIE” when you are depressed, sad, not willing to move forward…. not willing to love, not willing to share, to believe…. to keep trying….

You “LIVE” when you ACCEPT change willingly and welcome it…

You “DIE” when you don’t want to change …. and want NOTHING to change…

You “LIVE” when you see someone beautiful and it gives flutters in your heart and you appreciate beauty in everything…. in flowers…. in tall trees… in the green grass…. in the falling leaves….πŸŒˆπŸ’–βœŒπŸŽˆ

You “DIE” when everything seems monotonous and boring and NOTHING seems to amaze you…. when everyone seems to be against you….πŸ€”

We all go through phases in our lives when we are LIVING and are DYING….

But my request to everyone is ….. “TRY TO LIVE”…. for as long as possible…. as happily as possible…

Even when you have absolutely NOTHING to appreciate… Appreciate your Body, your self…. your BEING… ✨

Appreciate the beauty with which your eyes blink, your fingers move and your heart BEATS…πŸ₯°

No matter what condition your body is in…. As long as there is a HEART BEAT in your heart… There is MUSIC in your LIFE!! There is rhythm… there is a beat…. there is a Spark that is MAKING THAT HEART BEAT….




Even if you don’t like ANYTHING in the world….. Remember the feeling of your first love…. or when your child was born…. or when you did something embarassing….🀩



Blessed are those who lie on their death bed and when it’s time to go…. They give the doctor a WINK, a THUMBS UP and say…. “I had a good life!!” πŸ˜‰


In certain countries, right since the moment a child is born – His or her fate is SEALED.

If the child is a boy, he has to grow up and become an engineer or a doctor or take up other “manly” jobs like mechanic, electrician, carpenter. He has to earn a living.

If the child is a girl, she has to grow up, take up a career and get married and run a family and make a lot of sacrifices along the way.

These are the so called “IDEAL” definitions of guys’ and girls’ lives.


Why can’t a man, decide to be a cook or a fashion designer or a kindergarten teacher. What if a guy loves to manage kids? What is wrong with guys being school teachers or caretakers for kids? Why can’t they take up jobs that ordinarily, a woman would take. Why can’t they be just stay at home dads.

Similarly, why can’t a woman be a wrestler, a physical education teacher, a cartoonist, a truck driver, a bus driver, a train driver, a mechanic, a carpenter and so on.

Why do we have all these inhibitions, these stereotypes in our society??

Can’t we rise above them?

I know in some countries, these rules have been broken. For instance, I have seen women bus drivers in the US and hats off to the confidence with which they drive! I have seen a lot of men who are chefs at restaurants and hats off to them too…

However, I think we are yet to see

MEN as kindergarten teachers..
More women as wrestlers…
Men as homemakers…
Women as CEOs…
More Women as Pilots…

More women as carpenters, mechanics and so on…

In today’s world, when men and women have both reached OUTER SPACE, then why these inhibitions exist in our world??

Why do we have these stereotypes???

For examples, I feel many men who are excellent at taking care of kids would make wonderful kindergarten teachers! Similarly, many women would make awesome house builders etc…

Let’s break the stereotypes…. They just pull us down…. Let’s ALL rise above them!!!


Daughter….a word that brings so many emotions to our mind…

Daughter…. who is a daddy’s favorite…and a mommy’s angel…

Daughter….who brings so much joy and happiness to a family…

Daughter…who is an angel from heaven above…

Yet…. so many people crave for another child after having a daughter in the hope of “completing their family”…. Why?

What is a ‘complete family’? – A daughter and a son – WHY?

Why is one child ‘incomplete’ without the other?

In so many households in many countries… people crave for many children…especially boys… for their own personal reasons…

Daughters are so so so so so special that words cannot describe them… They can only be expressed in emotions…

Every act that a daughter does is an emotion in itself… A blessing… Some kind of MAGIC…πŸ’–

Each girl has so many dreams in her heart… so many emotions since childhood…

This article is not about daughters and sons but about CHILDREN in general…


Having brothers and sisters is good but not to ‘complete families…’.

EACH CHILD IS complete.

How would you feel if you were a child and your parents said…”We need more children to complete this family…”… You’d be like…. “What the hell? Am I not complete?”….

Sometimes, the notions in this world confuse me… There are crazy criterias that society has built and foolishly everyone is abiding by them!

There are notions like…

Daughter and son complete a family.
Daughters have to move on after marriage.
Sons should not be stay at home dads.
Husbands have to be stronger than wives.

For God’s sake guys!!!!…. Rise above them….. OPEN YOUR MINDS AND YOUR HEARTS….

Let Life thrive any way it wants…. Then you will see miracles…. Kindness and humbleness thrive…🌈 Love and happiness thrive…..

ACCEPT everything with OPEN MINDS…. It’s ok…. It’s LIFE… Everyone gets just one chance to live… Let them live the way they WANT to…..

Let them be…

Let everyone be…



LIVE while it lasts….🎈

For God’s sake…

For God’s sake…


The ‘enemy’ of Man

The enemy of man and mankind is not any other man or any other breed of animal. It is his or her own laziness.

When someone is lazy, it takes away all his energy, all his capability, all his enthusiasm and all his strength. It makes one very lethargic and negative towards life.

Laziness brings negative thoughts, fears and insecurities. 😒

When you are lazy, you just cannot work hard and all your emotions are driven by confusions.

“What is the point of living such a purposeless life?” – These are the thoughts that tend to emerge.

The one and only way to overcome laziness is to ‘Get up and get going…’ πŸ™‚

Everyone should be driven by purpose, goals and aims in life.

Where there is a purpose, there is enthusiasm to keep moving forward, no matter how situations are.


We need to just keep going…. keep doing what we need to do. We need to inspire others, future generations… kids and even grown ups…

Learning should continue at all ages… NO MATTER WHAT… 🌈

We should not breed negativity, laziness, jealousy or any other negative emotion in our minds and our hearts. They only… and only hurt us before they hurt anyone else.

Any negative feeling for that matter, hurts us first before it hurts anyone else.

When you feel lazy, “TRY” to do something… Start by doing something small… and then slowly, incrementally increase your stamina and capability… πŸ‘

If at some point, you feel very negative, passive and lazy…. then seek professional help. (Either from a psychologist/psychiatrist or any mental health professional)

Sometimes, just opening your heart out to people…. helps you heal. πŸ’–

Psochology and psychiatry are parts of MEDICAL SCIENCE. They are nothing to be afraid of. Just like you go to a stomach doctor or a kidney doctor, similarly you go to a BRAIN DOCTOR.

Brain is an organ. It’s not something to be scared of. It’s like any other organ in the body.

In today’s world, the most important thing that the future generation needs is ‘Peace of Mind’. They need the ability to focus, concentrate and slowly and steadily move towards their goal, with perseverance, dedication and motivation. ✌

Stress is the most common disease that impacts the younger generation. It has ‘kind of’ become a status symbol… If you are working… you should be stressed… else you are not working enough!!

If you want to stay away from all negative emotions.. like laziness, stress etc…. Then do yourself a favor… BE KIND TO YOURSELF…. Be happy where you are…. DO NOT compare yourself to others… Everyone has their own journey…. their own destiny…

And…. in the end… we all have to come back to 0. We start at 0 and we end at 0. Then where is the competition….

Laziness…. is the BIGGEST enemy to progress… to GROWTH and to PROSPERITY…

Be Kind to yourself… Pamper yourself… Love yourself… Don’t hurt yourself (EVER!!!!)….

Overcome laziness…. and try to familiarize yourself with the functioning of the brain…. Then you will understand how important it is to OVERCOME THE BLOCKERS OF THE MIND…..

Understand the science of the brain… understand the science of laziness….

Stay happy! Stay safe! Stay active!πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

Karma is Destiny and Destiny is Karma

A lot of people say that “What you sow is what you reap” or… “You get the results of your karma in this life itself…”…. or “Your destiny is a result of your karma”… πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

It is very hard to tell if this is true or not. But I believe… and have also experienced that… “Karma results in Karma”…

When you sow a seed, a plant appears and then you need to water the plant to make it grow.
When you read a book to a student, it increases their knowledge and then they can implement new ideas.
When you clean a mirror, it shows better image and then people can admire their image in it.

When you throw trash, it is processed by a trash processing plant.

In other words, every Karma results in new Karma. When one thing is moved from one place to another, it has to in turn be moved from that place to another new place.

Everything has a lifecycle. Karma results in new karma and that results in new karma.

Then, where is the question of destiny? …. Our own karma becomes our destiny and someone else’s karma may also become our destiny.

Destiny is also a form of karma. When we get something in our destiny, we have to “DO” something with it. In other words, at no point of time are we “Not doing karma”.

We are constantly churning and being churned into this lifecycle of karma.

There is absolutely no need to differentiate between karma and destiny. What we have done is karma… What we are doing is Karma and what we will do in future is also karma.

Some people feel very happy when they get millions of dollars…. but they have to “DO” something with that money…. Otherwise it is of no value…. It is just lying there… like every other artificial thing in your house.

When you want to give something to your child to learn, give them “Work”…. Give them “Something to do…”…. “Something that will make them learn”.

I read somewhere that “If you want to make someone rich… give them money” but “If you want to make them richer…. give them WORK!” πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

Everything is a process…. and it’s only and only “the process” that heals….

The process of “creation, manifestation and destruction”…. That is the essence of transformation and peace…. That is Karma and there is nothing else “Beyond it”!!

If you want to feel fulfilled in life… “Always DO something”… If you are always “BUSY”…. Life is good.

As long as you are moving…. you are part of the process of transformation…. You are a part of KARMA…. You are KARMA!! βœ”

The beauty of Karma lies in its “incompleteness”…. in its “not knowing all”… Because no matter what you do… You can NEVER EVER understand “ALL OF KARMA”…

Universe… is not God.

A lot of old scriptures and texts say that the “Universe” is god… that every piece of this galaxy and all the other galaxies and the entire visible and invisible universe is nothing but God.

How can it be possible?

How can the universe be God?

Is there any scientific proof?

We know that planets are made of rocks and other physical substances and earth is the only planet that has water and life.

Inspite of trying so hard, we haven’t been able to find life on any other planet.

Then how can the whole universe (“Brahmaand”) be = God.

These are just mischievious ways of playing with our minds. We are made to believe that every spec on this planet and all other planets are being run by God…. that all the energies of the world are under the influence of a “universal spectacular marvelous supernatural” force…

We have always read that Force = Mass * Acceleration (in Physics)

Then how can there be a magananimous force of this kind that can shake, create or destroy the whole universe?

Earth has been forming and reforming for billions of years…

And for those billions of years… no one has found life on any other planet.

Then Universe is not God…

If the Universe is God…then I would rather have a new universe where…

“No child is ever left under nourished”
“No child is ever abused or ill treated”
“No one is left alone and everyone has someone to count on”
“Education is valued, encouraged and free for all”
“Where people support each other instead of stabbing each other”
“Where there is no evil and if there is… it is quickly transformed into good”
“Where there is freedom of speech and expression”
“Where everyone is treated equally and with respect”
“Where love exists beyond possible measure…”

That is the kind of universe I would call God…

Not just stars and planets and galaxies and some invisible unique force driving their oscillations…

That unique force which I would call God, exists within US…. in the minutest possible detail of us…. in our eyes… in our ears… in our speech…. in our SOUL….

It exists in the exact same way in the most beautiful person (if there is one) and the most evil person (if there is one) on earth….

It is THE SAME all throughout…. EVERYWHERE…. It never differentiates…. never hurts and ALWAYS HEALS….

That is my universe. That is God.