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Intangible benefits of work!

Today, I’ve been watching some videos by Barry Schwartz, who has written books like “WHY WE WORK!”

He gives an illustration of how the industrial revolution and the ideas of Adam Smith shaped capitalism and the current society and its behavior towards WORK.

He says that “Adam Smith believed that people are naturally lazy and will only work if they are given an incentive like a wage”. Further, he challenges that idea and says that this idea of Adam Smith is not necessarily true.

The reason why many people are dissatisfied at work inspite of getting wages is because they are actually looking for the “Intangibles” that work can offer.

Intangibles like “A word of appreciation”, “A summary of the impact you’ve made in someone’s life through your work” and so on and so forth.

The capitalist society makes us believe that we need to work for money where as the reality is that most of us are looking for a MEANING in our lives…. to be HELPFUL…. to be VALUABLE in others’ lives….

Do you remember the day you get your paycheck or do you remember the day when someone in your office came up to you and said….”What a great job you did!! and how much IMPACT you made in the office”…

Doesn’t the intangible make you feel more VALUED and INSPIRE you to work even more….

I also was thinking why we don’t see a lot of intangibles at work….

The reason is because we don’t give intangibles ourselves…. because they are intangibles….

How many times have you appreciated your co-workers or your bosses? How many times have you told people how much impact they have made in your lives!!??

These intangibles inspire others to move ahead… so BE GENEROUS in sharing these intangible words and tokens of appreciation with others….!

Believe me, they can really make someone’s day!!!

If you are reading this post and if I have made a difference in your life in some way… be generous and share the thought with me as well! It might just make my day!! 🙂

Life is imperfect!

Life is not perfect! No moment in life is absolutely perfect. Sometimes a family member doesn’t say what he should have said. Sometimes a kid does not behave the way he is ”supposed” to be…. Sometimes the time is not right or the circumstances are not right…

However, the more we learn to accept life with all its imperfections, the easier life becomes!

Acceptance of a situation in its most natural and real form is most important. Dont argue with ”What is”.

Try your best to make life better but before that accept the imperfections in life!

There will be absolutely no day in your life when your partner or your kids will say each word exactly as you’d like to hear it.

There can be no day in your life when everything will go exactly the way u want it to.

Life is not a puppet show…. its real… with real people having real emotions and this uncertainty of what will happen next…. makes u more curious and u want to go on…

If everything was written like a script, there would be no fun in life!

The factor of ”unknown” fills our life with curiosity, eagerness, learnings and looking forward to the next moment… no matter what!

When we accept our kids’ imperfections, our spouse’s imperfections…. we accept ourselves as imperfect too!

And its ok…. Life is meant to be that way…

Some days ur dog will fall sick…. some day your interview wont go well…. some day you will not be in the best of health…

But on other days…. u will feel absolutely healthy and happy and ready to rise and shine!!

Life always has a hope that … Keep moving…. the best is yet to come!!

Life is perfect with its imperfections!!

As long as there is a sine curve of heartbeat flowing, there will be ups and downs… coz when its a straight line…. its all over anyways!

Enjoy the imperfections….. Accept ur kids tantrums…. your partner’s mood swings….

Real life is not like social media pictures… all smiles and laughter.

I read that real life is messy …. full of stumbles…. highs and lows and thats what makes it worthwhile!!

Enjoy the mountains and the valleys while they last!! Enjoy your perfectly imperfect life!! ❤️

Schooling does not guarantee ‘intellect’.

When I think about intellect, I think about the decisive ability of the mind, the ability to choose the right path over the wrong path.

The reason why I feel schooling does not guarantee ‘intellect’ is because in school, kids are taught certain subjects to achieve certain grades. They are not questioned on their intellectual ability. They are not asked, “Do you want to do X or do you want to do Y?”

As a kid enters the school environment, he/she has to make a lot of choices. These choices are no different from life choices. The greatest teacher that is giving them the power to decide is LIFE and not just SCHOOL.

School is just one of the places where knowledge is shared…. knowledge about facts…things that we are aware of…. but WHAT TO DO with that knowledge…. is INTELLECT. And that cannot be taught.

Intellect comes with experience by making many different choices over and over again. When you take the wrong decisions, you realize the value of right decisions. When you make the wrong choices, you realize the value of right choices.

If you believe in yourself, you can always direct your mind in the RIGHT direction…. your intellect can lead you to the right places and the right decisions. But if you don’t believe in yourself and the “good path”, then you are bound to falter, you will be inclined to make the wrong choices , inspite of your wish to go on the right path.

Believe in yourself…. Trust yourself… Trust goodness… Trust the right deeds… Believe that good things WILL come back to you if you do good…. Trust this universe…. Then you will be able to CONTROL and GUIDE your intellect to always take the right decisions.

It’s not your school or your education that matters…. It’s your ability to GUIDE your mind in the right direction… No matter what… to make the RIGHT choices, inspite of many wrong and tempting options in front of you.

When you send your kids to school, don’t expect their intellect to get developed unless and until, they are forced into situations where they have to make the RIGHT CHOICES….

Studying History, Science or geography can give you the knowledge but not the intellect….

Intellect comes by REPEATEDLY making the right choices and the right decisions and sticking to your integrity, honesty, goodness and CORE Values.

Believe me no matter how good you are…. you can still be tempted to do the wrong thing every once in a while… That’s where you have to BE STRONG IN YOUR MIND…. and CHOOSE…. the right option.

You have to tell yourself that I will choose the righteous path…. even if it gives me less comfort or less money.

Grow your knowledge but also DEVELOP YOUR INTELLECT….

Every moment in life is a choice and making the right choices leads you to a good life….

CHOOSE your options wisely…. becuase that is true INTELLECTUAL POWER.

Service before self

When I was in school, I had heard this quote, ”Service before self”. At one point, I thought, I understood its meaning but now I feel, there is still so much to understand.

We all know that we have this one life and it’s upto us what we do with it. We could make it a meaningless pass time or we could make it a meaningful service – A service to mankind and every other living being on this planet. A service to help others succeed and do better in life. A service to those who are suffering. A service to help, to love, to create peace.

When we serve others, we tend to forget our sufferings, because we realize that there is so much that people are going through.

I try to do my bit of service in whatever way possible…I wish I could do more but I have daily responsibilities like a job, a family, a career, loans, expenses.

But I still feel like doing something more, to serve people in need. I honestly dont feel like announcing what I may be doing because I feel the best service is “To serve without any acknowledgement in return”….. ”To serve selflessly” and just enjoy the journey of selfless service.

I don’t know how many of us will have the time and the energy for selfless service, without expecting anything in return, without posting it on any social media channel, without announcing it to the world…. But trust me when I say that ….this kind of silent service will give you the most joy… the most fulfillment and peace and the most enlightenment.

Serve silently…. but do serve… in whatever way u can… whatever capacity u can…. for a few minutes or a few hours…. Just serve and just once, dont post it anywhere. Just have faith in your heart that your deeds have made this world a better place. And be happy with that thought!

Service before self… I am sure it means a lot more…. I will share as I discover its true, deep and real meaning…

Till then… Serve when u can and enjoy the service more than the acknowledgment! Enjoy the silent service to this world! Believe me, it will transform you from inside.

The best thing about life…!

You know what’s the best thing about life….. the greatest gift… the purest instinct……
that it lets you HEAL…

Take a moment… look back at your life and think of the moments when you had a tough time and then suddenly… one fine day…. You HEALED…

You healed out of all the suffering …. all the pains and saw a bright new day!

Surely…. at one point…. you didn’t know the path forward… you didn’t know how long it would take and how will you cope up with it…. but somewhere magically…. LIFE gave you the strength…. to move on… to continue marching forward… because it was HEALING you….

Almost all of us have healed from pain in one way or the other…. some have recovered from heartbreaks… some from financial problems …. some from health issues and everywhere we look around in life… in everyone’s life…. we see SO MUCH STRENGTH…. so much POWER and so much RECOVERY….

Recovery… healing… they may not sound very good…. but think of a person who is going through suffering…. For him/her… these words and magical….

So many people are waiting for that one day when they will heal…. when they will recover fully… when their pain will end…

And life has this repeating ability…. of HEALING EVERY SINGLE THING…. no matter how big or how small…. IT HEALS… either by curing it… or sometimes by ending it… but it heals…

And that is why…. Everything comes to an end eventually…. the pain… the suffering…the losses…and even the traumas….

We all have the power to heal…. sometimes through our words….sometimes through a hug… a touch or just by being there….. by listening…. accepting…. and passing on the strength…. in an invisible but profound way…!

Life is not something that is happening in my body or your body…. Life happens when two things or two people…. or two entities for that matter…. MEET…. CONNECT…. HELP each other…. and HEAL…..

Let’s all try to heal…. ourselves and others… as much as we can…

Let’s all try to be compassionate…. towards others and ourselves…

If something is giving you pain or has been giving you pain… Try to disconnect from it… in whatever way you can and HEAL….

Heal yourself… Heal others…

And as the song goes… Heal the world…Make it a better place… for you and for me ….and for the entire human race…!

May you all HEAL….and heal your loved ones too!

Best wishes always…

Cost of your peace of mind?

If you were to put a price tag on your own peace of mind… how much would that be?

Imagine that some day all your sorrows, all your troubles fade away and you spend peaceful time with your family each day and are content each moment… What would you give away for that to happen?

Probably your everything…. Correct?

A lot of times… a lot of people spend their entire lives collecting things… sometimes for themselves and sometimes just to show off to their friends…

With the invent of social media, personal lives have become living showpieces. They have become like ornaments of display. Even though out of the 500 social media friends, hardly anyone calls to check how you are doing. Even then…

The most prized possession any human being can ever possess is his good physical health and peace of mind. These things are absolutely priceless. They are more precious than diamonds or any other rare gem on this planet.

So while you are in a decent health condition without expecting too much help from anyone and you have a good family life with your loved ones…. be at peace. Cherish the calm and quiet that your mind experiences when you have both good physical health and mental peace.

Don’t run behind everything… Don’t run behind what others are running behind…. Your personal life is not a thing of display…

If you are able to spend a quiet and loving evening with your close family…. Close your eyes and just thank God for that safe space.

If your day passes by without running after what doesn’t even matter…. Be thankful!

If you don’t feel the need to gain appreciation by showing off your life to others… be thankful about the contentment that you are feeling within.

So many people would give their everything… just to be at peace…. To be content with life!

Be a person who is happy with whatever big or small life has given you! Be at peace. Do not compare. You are not going to get a trophy if you get 10000 likes on social media or even if you travel every part of the world…. People will still move on…

So value what you have…. instead of running behind what you don’t have or can’t have.

Value your peace… Cherish the freedom that you possess because of good health…

Focus on the positive things in your life and see them grow…

Strive to be at peace because there is nothing that can equate to the cost of peace of mind.

Superpower of Creation!

Whenever I have been confused in my life, somehow the values I learned from my parents have pulled me through situations. And one more factor that has truly always helped me is my belief in Karma, in God and in goodness.

Today, I had another such realization. Nobody has truly seen God in real but everyone believes in some powerful force driving this universe.

As much as I believe in God, I also believe in science.

I understand that the earth has been existing for billions of years and human life has been relatively new on it.

If we look at evolution and how human beings would have probably evolved, I can imagine two sets of people:

Those who believed in doing good and those who believed in doing bad and hurting mankind.

Ofcourse, there are lots of tales that say that goodness always wins over evil. However, even above the choice of doing good or bad, there is one more HIGHER choice and that is ”To do something”….. ”To not sit idle”.

When man does something responsibly, he/she inturn helps mankind.

The Choice of :

“Doing” something is better than “Not doing anything”

Taking responsibility for human life, owning your life, creating some meaning out of it, doing something to help the society and help other fellow human beings. These are the most primary, core and elementary choices we should make.

Not just thinking that…. ”Well… everything is anyways going to end one day when I die” but rather realizing that “While we are alive, we have to truly OWN OUR ACTIONS and our CHOICES” …. We have to truly do something worthwhile and responsibly!

We have to do something instead of just thinking about the purpose of life!

We have to use our powers to create meaning in our life!

Man created work and man created the concept of measuring time. (Using a clock)

There were men who initially created spark and fire and that led to the discovery of making food.

These were all ordinary men…..but they wanted to DO something worthwhile. They believed that somehow they will find ways of progressing humankind!

Similarly, there are men who create peace and there are men who create war. The choice to create something is superpower!

You can create whatever u want! Whatever u feel is important to you!

But before everything else, you have to believe in your superpower of creation responsibly!

Create a responsibility in your mind to lead a responsible life! and then create whatever u want in that life!! Nobody can stop you!!

Humans have reached the moon today just by believing in their power of creation.

The invisible force of creation is God – Generator, Operator, Destroyer!

We all have the power to generate, to operate and to destroy and this universal aggregated power is God!

Create your life responsibly, choose to do something over not doing anything, choose peace, choose kindness and choose WORK!!

Be alive while u are alive and make the most out of it! Create work, create wisdom and choose to always ”DO” something instead of living in dreams and thoughts!!


Believe in the superpower of creation!!

Reap what you sow, but sometimes even better or worse!

The inspiration to write this article came from the picture below.

I will translate it for those who are not able to read Hindi. It means:

Who can benefit from “Always asking for happiness…”

After all you “only” get what’s in your fate

Don’t be scared my heart…

Here, nobody can hurt you just by wanting to hurt you…

You only get what you sow…

Praise the lord…

Everything is in his hands!

There are several truths in this small picture. You “only” get what’s in your fate. You reap what you sow. Everything is in his hands! And nobody can hurt you by wanting to hurt you!

Every statement is so deep and hard to comprehend!

Yet, I will make an attempt…

Suppose you want to grow a plant. You decide to put the seed in the soil. And even if YOU don’t put it in the soil or are not able to put it in the soil, maybe the wind will just pick it up from one place and put It in the soil! Anyways, somehow it has to get into the soil to start growing! (Either through your karma or through the wind’s karma!) Or just by the forces of nature… like a bird dropping the seed somewhere or some squirrel or you just never know…How! Just because you want the seed to get into the soil or you want to grow so many plants and be happy… doesn’t mean you will have the time, energy, resources and fate to plant it! There are many many criteria…

That explains the first statement – Who can benefit from “Always asking for happiness”…

The next statement says, “After all you get what’s in your fate”

This means you will get to grow that seed/plant if it is your fate. You cannot grow a plant just because you have decided to plant the seed. There are many many factors for the seed to germinate, for the little baby plant to come out, for the plant to erupt out of the soil. It has to be the right weather, temperature, moisture content, sunlight, soil texture, quality of the seed and so many other factors. Some deer should not eat the plant while it is growing! So, you get only what’s in your fate. You will only be able to grow that plant till it’s in your fate.

Don’t be scared! – As easy it is to say this, it is the highest form of faith you can have for the lord. Do not be scared!

Nobody can hurt you by wanting to hurt you! – That means if you are ready to grow your plant and even if thousand people want to destroy your plant, they cannot – JUST by wanting to destroy it!

You get what you sow – Once you sow the seed, water it well, take care of the plant, you will reap and get what you sow! You will have the plant growing in your house, because YOU SOWED it!

Praise and worship the Lord!

Everything is in his hands!

The last statement is comprehensible yet incomprehensible!! On one hand, there is karma and on the other hand, there is his will.

Three things may happen- Either you get what you want – Your grown plant or you get something better – maybe a garden- or you get something worse – maybe just dirt…

In either case, there is your karma AND the will of nature that will reap your rewards!

Like they always say, Don’t be attached to the results because the results on your action are not in your hands! Just do karma and have faith in the lord!


We ALL are….

We all are going through something or the other… and believe me when I say … WE ALL…

Some of us are going through career issues, others have family issues, some have health problems and others have financial issues…. And the list doesnt end here… Trust me…

There is so much going on in the world that we cannot even imagine…

We all know the realities of life…. children dying of hunger in various countries…. people being sentenced to imprisonment and what not…


Even your best friend on social media who owns those multiple cars and huge houses…. is going through something. It may not be visible but he/she is.

Not everyone can share their struggles with you and not every one has the courage to accept their own paths in life…. the ones they are destined to….

BUT… Believe me when I say you are FAR better than many other people in the world…

If you are reading this post…. You are able to read…. and that itself is a blessing….

We ALL…….. ALL… ALL… ALL…. have our own share of struggles and tests of time that we have to overcome….

No one can understand the other person’s journey because…. “To each his own”…. Only an individual can understand his own journey.

Even big movie stars go through their share of struggles…. family issues… kids issues… divorces… and what not….

At the end of the day, we are all ordinary human beings going through good times and bad times… That’s life…

All the fame, glory, money, showing off stuff…. is just FLUFF!!

That big movie star you see in the theater…. goes home and hopes for a good night sleep…. He goes through his own share of stresses…. and turmoils….

That kid whom you see happily dancing around…. may also go through tough times… when he/she feels lonely and left out….

Life is not one emotion…. It is a plethora of emotions…

If life becomes standstill on any one emotion…. It will not be LIFE anymore…. it will stagnate….

We all go uphilll and we all go downhill……

These journeys make us stronger physically and mentally…. and this strength pushes us further along in life…

We all have our share of joys and struggles….

So…. don’t envy…. don’t be afraid… don’t feel bad…. because a lot of people are hoping to be in the place where YOU are today….

There will always be people ahead of you and below you…. Just accept this fact and move on…!!

Don’t look at that picture of your friend who got a promotion or got a new car and wonder…”Oh man…. Why not me?”…. This emotion doesnt help you to move ahead in life…!!

Be proud of your friends and even those who were “not so nice to you” because they made you stronger in the end!!

BE HAPPY… that you are alive…. but don’t be scared of DEATH….

WE ALL ARE GOING THROUGH SOMETHING…. Let’s listen to each other’s stories and be compassionate…

Let’s spread a little love…. a little joy….. a little hope….

Let’s try to make it better for everyone….!!

BE the change…

How many of us would like to see a perfect world? (Where there is no suffering, no discrimination, no harassment and no violence… infact none of the negative things)

Now… How many of us are willing to MAKE or CREATE that perfect world?

“Be the Change you want to see in the world” …. This is such an important quote but how many of us truly realize its meaning?

Today, I saw a video about extreme poverty in several parts of the world. People there are actually suffering…

One way to look at this situation is to crib and say that…”Well, poverty is a reality…Nothing can be done about it”.

The other way is to take action… Lift up your hands and DO something about it…

I wanted to help immediately after watching that video…

I searched online for volunteering opportunities and applied to several of them…

I have a full time job, I am a mom, a wife but after seeing that poverty video… I wanted to do more… More than what I have done in my life so far…

I felt like I have really done nothing…. except to try to rise up in career and achieve the good things in life…

THERE IS SOOOO MUCH that I could have done…. Soooo much that we all can do… Together…

We can teach children online… if it is not possible to go outside…

We can participate in growing more plants and trees…

We can donate towards good causes…

Are our lives just limited to social media and how many likes and appreciations we get on our pictures?

Are our lives just limited to our cellphones?

Can’t we all go out in the world and make a difference…?

Can’t we all help atleast one person in a day? (Just one person a day)

Can we all do all of it…. without hoping for or expecting anything back in return?

Isn’t it amazing how some of the freedom fighters fought for their countries without expecting anything in return?

Isn’t it amazing how people are fighting on the borders of the countries…without expecting any likes or thumbs up to their work?

Isn’t it amazing how so many people are actually going out into the world and helping the downtrodden and the poor?

Can we all not do a little bit more….? (Just a little bit more….)

Can’t we help others a little more than what we usually do?

Can we not offer support to those who really need it?

Lend a listening ear… to the children…. to the elderly…. to the poor….

Don’t you get a wonderful feeling after helping someone?

Isn’t that like the best thing in the world?

BE THE CHANGE…. That you want to see in the world….

BE GOD’s VOICE… GOD’s HANDS… GOD’s EYES…. GOD’s SUPPORT….. BE THAT SPECIAL PERSON… who has the power to share GOD’s LOVE with the world….

Don’t wait for God to SEND someone else…. HE SENT YOU!!!… to make a difference in this world….!! To mark a change in this world….



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